scr Plantech Inc. can help you plan and design any building project. We have years of experience working in the planning and decision making phase prior to construction. We provide conceptual planning to help you visualize your project, thereby foreseeing problems and helping you to maximize your development potential.

What can we do for you?

We are experienced in planning and decision making prior to construction and can provide you with an inexpensive way to view several different design concepts prior to construction. We provide you with detailed plans for permit and construction. You can use our blueprints to get competitive quotes from contractors. We have a complete knowledge of new sustainable materials used in construction today.

We take pride in ensuring our clients are satisfied. We are always available for follow up questions before and during construction.

We will maximize your development potential!

scr PlanTech Inc. was formed in 1988, and provides building design and planning services for all types of buildings. We design homes, additions and renovations and with our commercial design department, can provide design and planning services for all types of commercial, industrial, agricultural, multi family and seniors housing.

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